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Zojirushi - Fish Roaster - EF-VPC40

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Brand: Zojirushi
Brand: Zojirushi

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Zojirushi - Fish Roaster - EF-VPC40 Description

The search for the ultimate tabletop cooking experience ends with Zojirushi’s Fish Roaster EF-VPC40. The advanced roaster from the brand’s electrical product range is masterfully assembled to deliver exquisitely roasted fish, chops, chicken and steak while minimally impacting the surroundings.

The Platinum Catalytic Filter specific to this model is engineered much like the catalytic converters in a car’s exhaust system. Using platinum in the catalytic filter, which is a very efficient catalyst in chemical reactions, means that the roaster operates normally while any odour occurring during this process is broken down into less offensive carbon dioxide and water. Smoke is also chemically decomposed in a similar way resulting in a smooth cooking experience with reduced odour and smoke impacts. So no one has to step outdoors to cook the fish. And because the catalytic filter doesn’t easily deteriorate, unlike other types of filters, it doesn’t need to be replaced.

The heat reflectors located behind the heating elements are installed into the roaster to enhance the crispiness of the food. The bottom reflector is situated floating on a pool of water, functioning to keep the temperature of the reflector down in order to reduce smoke and other food particles that drip down during roasting. The advanced heating mechanism of the roaster also ensures that the food is cooked efficiently without the need to flip and turn the ingredients.
The adjustable timer that comes with the Fish Roaster can be used to set the length of the cooking time and monitored throughout to avoid overcooking the food. Accessories include a food server to help easily remove foods from the roaster.

• Platinum catalytic filter on lid reduces up to 90% of smoke and odor components
• Extra wide roasting rack accommodates large fish and meats (up to 13-3/4” in width)
• Top and bottom heating elements allow even cooking without flipping foods
• Powerful 1,300 watts to cook foods quickly
• Adjustable timer up to 30 minutes
• Top and bottom heat reflectors work in tandem to enhance crispiness
• Stainless steel roasting rack directs excess oil and fat away from food for healthy roasting
• Most parts can be disassembled and cleaned thoroughly

Product Specifications
Brand Zojirushi
Capacity 13.75" x 8.25"
Height 9.8
Free Shipping No
Limited Lifetime No
Product Length 20.1
Product Width 13.5
Special Status Options 7-10 Day Delivery
Wattage 1300W