World's Best Pot Scrubber (Flat) - ITEMV

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World's Best Pot Scrubber (Flat) - ITEMV Description

An amazing product. A long lasting, rainbow colored scrubbie that can be used for cleaning almost everything inside and outside the home.

• Kitchen: Stainless steel pots and pans, ceran stove tops, ovens, glassware, china, cutlery, shelving, countertops and stoneware.
• Sports: Equipment including runners, golf and soccer shoes, golf clubs and balls.
• Home and Garden: Cleans fresh root vegetables, outdoor planter pots, stakes, garden tools, BBQ racks and grills.
• Personal: Removes dirt and paint from hands and can be used for calloused feet.
• Vehicles: Removal of bugs and debris on windshields, chromed bumpers and wheels.
• Easy to clean - dishwasher safe.
• All scrubbies come in multi-coloured designs

Brand Yogi Imports