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Unox - Elena 3 Shelf Full Size Convection Oven With Manual Humidity 208-240V 5100W - XAFT183

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Brand: Unox
Brand: Unox
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Unox - Elena 3 Shelf Full Size Convection Oven With Manual Humidity 208-240V 5100W - XAFT183 Description

Baking perfection. Every time.

LINEMISS is the ideal solution for bakeries and pastry shops to achieve the same excellent results as with a large oven, but in a practical compact format. Simplicity and perfection are the key concepts of this oven line. Designed for professionals that require a highly productive bakery and pastry shop with nothing superfluous. The perfect combination of efficiency and simplicity in less than a square meter

High quality and simple design make it original and suitable for all baking needs.


  • Manual control
  • Humidity
  • 0-60 min. timer or continuous function
  • On/Off indicator light
  • Wire shelves included

• Stainless steel housing & cooking chamber
• Double pane glass door
• Insulated baking cavity for thermal efficiency and user safety

STEAM.Plus Humidity. Whenever you need it.

The correct amount of humidity within the cooking process provides for intense colours, enhanced flavours and unchanged structures.

The introduction of humidity during the first minutes of the baking process of leavened products promotes the internal structure development and the goldening of the external surface.

UNOX’s STEAM.Plus technology allows the instant creation of humidity in the cooking chamber from 90°C up to 260°C, getting optimum results from each product.

AIR.Plus Uniform baking. Without compromise.

UNOX’s AIR.Plus technology guarantees the perfect distribution of air and heat inside the baking chamber, giving perfect uniform baking results in all areas of each pan and in all pans. At the end of the baking process, thanks to AIR. Plus technology, the baked products have a uniform external colour and their consistency remains intact for several hours.

DRY.Plus Taste and texture. Maximised.

The presence of excess humidity in the final stages of the baking process can compromise the achievement of the desired result. DRY.Plus technology removes humidity from the baking chamber, both that released by the food. With DRY.Plus the texture of baked products is therefore maximized, with a dry and well-formed internal structure and a crisp and golden external surface.

Protek.SAFE Safety for your team. Efficiency for your business.

Protek.SAFE eliminates unnecessary energy loss which in turn reduces energy consumption and contributes to the environmental compatability of the baking processes performed in the LINEMICRO ovens. The unique design of the oven, the double glass door and the optimum insulation of the baking chamber ensure a minimum heat loss, an always perfect baking temperature and cool external surfaces for a safer and more efficient working environment.


  • Convection baking 30 °C - 260 °C
  • Mixed humidity and convection baking 90 °C - 260 °C


  • DRY.Plus technology: quick extraction of the humidity from the baking chamber


  • Protek.SAFE technology: maximum thermal efficiency and working safety (cool door glass and external surfaces)
  • Visualisation of the residual baking time
  • Continuous functioning «INF»


  • Manual door opening from top to bottom


  • Rounded stainless steel chamber for hygiene and easy of cleaning
  • Chamber lighting through external LED lights
  • Light weight – heavy duty structure using innovative materials
  • Safety temperature switch

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Product Specifications
Brand Unox
Type Counter Top Convection Oven
Pan Size 18" x 26" (Full Size)
Number of Shelves 3
Shelf Clearance 3"
Chamber Dimensions 18.2 L x 27.4 W x 10" H
Chamber Capacity 2.9 CUFT
Temperature Range 32 - 500°F
Voltage 208-240
Wattage 5100
Amps 21
Nema Hardwire
Length 32"
Width 31.5"
Height 19.8"
Country of Origin Italy

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