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Squality - Starter Set - 8" & 11" Non-Stick Fry Pans

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Brand: Squality
Brand: Squality
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Squality - Starter Set - 8" & 11" Non-Stick Fry Pans Description

Starter Set Includes:

8" fry pan and 11" fry pan

The Squality® frying pan is ideal for searing, roasting and frying meat at high temperatures. The curve of the wall was specifically designed to easily manipulate and turn food as delicate as omelets, pancakes, etc. The dimensionally stable 6 mm base allows for high temperature settings and is thermal shock resistant.

Premium Quality
Each product is checked and verified with its own control number. Factory and products are certified annually by the Danish Technological Institute.

Heat Distribution
The squeeze casted aluminum is a great heat conductor and ensures phenomenal heat distribution and retention. The 6 mm base quickly reaches cooking temperatures therefore saving energy.

“Squeeze casting”
Exclusive manufacturing process using the highest quality aluminum, melted at 620 °C then poured into the molds. It is a sophisticated process pressed at more than 200 tons.

Non-Stick Surface Biotan®

Biotan® is our proprietary non-stick coating exclusively developed in our factory. Integrating biominerals gives flexibility to the non-stick surface and avoids cracking and peeling even if the surface is scratched or cut. Guaranteed PFOA and PFOS free. Biotan® delivers unparalleled nonstick durability.

Easy Maintenance

Wash in hot water with conventional, mild detergent and a soft sponge, avoid the dishwasher.

Handle and fixation

A unique casted-in-handle fixation system eliminates the necessity for screws or rivets.


All Squality® line products have a 2 year guarantee, covering manufacturing defects.

Made in Denmark

Manufacturing entirely made in Denmark, a pledge of quality.

The Swiss entrepreneur Andy Grob has an ambitious goal, creating the highest quality pots and pans. The innovative, Squality® concept is a natural match for both private and professional kitchens. Squality® is a robust and responsive line of premium quality pans for professionals as well as home cooking enthusiasts. The Biotan® cookware’s non-stick surface offers exceptional performance and longevity.

 The Squality® line was imagined in Switzerland then designed and manufactured in Denmark. Andy Grob’s passion and core beliefs are embedded in the heart of the manufacturing process, creating a pleasant working environment for employees whilst respecting the environment simultaneously. The innovation and excellence are achieved in a family business environment established more than 40 years ago in Ryomgaard, in the beautiful Danish country side.

Product Specifications
Brand Squality
Type Fry Pan
Diameter 8 & 11 Inch
Material Cast Aluminum
Heat Source Electric, Ceramic, Halogen, Gas
Cleaning Hand Wash Only
Country of Origin Denmark
Non-Stick Yes