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Shun - 6" Classic Blonde Utility Knife

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Brand: Shun
Brand: Shun
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Shun - 6" Classic Blonde Utility Knife Description

The new Shun Classic Blonde series features our 69-layer Damascus-clad blades and PakkaWood handles in a light and beautiful natural wood tone. From their high-performance VG-MAX cutting core, to the exquisite flowing pattern of the Damascus cladding, to their polished end caps, these remarkable, handcrafted knives offer the same premium performance and materials as original Shun Classics. They are ultra-sharp, durable, beautifully balanced, and simply magnificent to behold. Our initial offering includes fi e of the most-wanted culinary blade shapes.

Classic Blonde introduces our new light natural tone PakkaWood handles. This premium handle material is made of genuine hardwood impregnated with resin so it’s moisture resistant, strong, and durable. PakkaWood handles often have color infused in the wood during the manufacturing process. Our new blonde handles let the natural light color of the wood shine through.

Whether employed for peeling, slicing, or any other delicate task, the Shun 6’’ Classic Utility Knife is a product that you will be glad to have on your side. The pakkawood handle is easy to control while using the knife, and this product is backed by a lifetime warranty as a testament to its quality overall. Shun has used high-carbon stainless steel in the manufacture of this blade, which has 16 layers of stainless steel and a Damascus look.

The slender 6’’ blade makes this knife easy to maneuver around the food, and it is capable of incredible culinary feats in the right hands. If you have used many Japanese-style knives over the years, you already know exactly why they are so special. If this will be your first, you are in for a treat. Place your order for the Shun 6’’ Classic Utility Knife today!


Blade Features: 

Propriertary VG-MAX cutting core. This high-end stainless steel forms the core of the entire blade, all the way to the cutting edge. VG-Max is extremely hard, which means Shun Classics can take an incredible edge and hold it longer. 

Stainless Damascus Cladding - 34 micro-layers of steel on each side support the core, add stain / corrosion resistance and help food release from the blade. 

Razor-sharp hand sharpened 16° angle cutting edge on each side for top performance; blade is double-bevel, flat ground for easy cutting and food release. 

Handle Material

PakkaWood - Premium, resin-impregnated hardwood resists moisture and is strong and durable. 

Asymmetrical - Traditional Japanese D-Shaped handle nestles into the curve of the right hand.  

Product Specifications
Brand Shun
Type Utility
Series Classic Blonde
Blade Length 6 Inch
Country of Origin Japan