Prepara - Bagel Guillotine (Bagel Splitter) - 1033SM

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Prepara - Bagel Guillotine (Bagel Splitter) - 1033SM Description

So this is a highly specialized kitchen gadget that, since 1994, has done one thing very, very well. Apparently, a couple of thousand people injure their hands every year in BRI's (Bagel Related Injuries). If you've done this, know someone who has, or would like to prevent BRI's, the Original Bagel Guillotine is the perfect gadget.
Stable base section self-centers the bagel while the pointed stainless steel blade first pierces and then slices the bagel in half as you simply push down. Clear view protective finger guards safely isolate fingers from slicing action. 

Brand Prepara
Warranty Information Quality Guarantee
Color Clear
Limited Lifetime No
Product Length 13 Inch
Product Width 18 inch
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