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Ooni - Koda 12 Portable Outdoor Gas-Fired Pizza Oven L.P.

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Brand: Ooni
Brand: Ooni
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Ooni - Koda 12 Portable Outdoor Gas-Fired Pizza Oven L.P. Description

Ooni Koda 12 Gas

Ooni, being only a nine year old company, has risen to fame with intense accolades from all that have witnessed, and eaten from this beautiful device. The Ooni Koda Gas portable pizza oven is designed to have a pizza party whenever, and wherever you wish! With powerful thermal temperatures reaching 932 in just 15 minutes, pizza to prime rib will be moments away!

The Ooni Koda Gas pizza oven is cooler to operate, and way less pricey after time, than buying pizza from some pizza place…The Ooni Koda Gas pizza oven has an easy ignition valve to employ the heat!  A magnificent supplement to any outdoor party, or tailgate, the Ooni Koda is ready when you are hungry!

There Are Now 2 Ooni Koda Gas Ovens Available!

The Ooni Koda Gas powered pizza oven is the original in the line of propane powered awesomeness! Weighing in at less than 21lbs, you can take this little gem up the mountain for a lunch on the bluff. Some call it “The 12” due to it has been refined to deliver numerous 12” pizzas at a whim! Spatchcock chicken cooks up great too in the Ooni Koda Gas Pro!

The latest on the scene from the R&D team at Ooni, is their 16” beast, apply named, the Ooni Koda 16 Gas Fired Pizza Oven. Crisp up your turkey skin in this house of heat! Try seafood, flatbreads, veggies, and much more in the Ooni Koda 16 Gas Pizza Oven. S’mores in seconds, and hot fudge brownie pies, sorry we forgot about dessert in an Ooni Koda Gas Pizza Oven…Plus, we cannot stress enough, how fun and exciting this modern culinary product genuinely is to operate and enjoy. The price is worth every one-cent piece!

Key Features
  • FAST: Heats to 932°F (500°C) & cooks pizza in just 60 seconds.
  • EASY: No assembly, built-in gas ignition & adjustable heat control dial.
  • COMPACT: Fits in any outdoor space – use and move with ease.

 What's in the Box 

  • Ooni Koda gas-powered pizza oven
  • Stone baking board
  • Ooni Koda Manual and Ooni Essentials Guide with tips and recipes
  • Propane tank gas regulator and hose 
Technical Features
  • Dimensions: 15.7 x 11.6 x 24.8” (400 x 295 x 630mm)
  • Unboxed weight: 20.4 lbs (9.25kg)
  • Cooking surface: 13¼  x 13¼” (337 x 337mm)
  • Commercial grade cold-rolled carbon steel shell with high-temperature resistant, powder-coated finish
  • 10mm cordierite stone baking board
  • Built-in Flame Safety Device (FSD) will automatically cut off the gas supply to Ooni Koda if the flame is extinguished while the gas supply is on


Product Specifications
Brand Ooni