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Omcan - 46" Outdoor Wood Burning Oven With Stainless Steel Oven Shelf - 31313

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SKU: OMC-31313
Brand: Omcan
SKU: OMC-31313
Brand: Omcan
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Omcan - 46" Outdoor Wood Burning Oven With Stainless Steel Oven Shelf - 31313 Description

Elevate your outdoor cooking game with the Omcan 46" Outdoor Wood Burning Oven (31313), a stellar combination of traditional wood-fired taste and modern, durable construction. Crafted from robust 6mm steel and coated with a high-heat resistant black paint, complemented by a 304 stainless steel wrap, this oven promises years of reliable outdoor culinary enjoyment.

As a budget-friendly alternative to classic brick or clay wood-fired ovens, this model stands out for its efficient design, enduring build, versatile cooking capabilities, and user-friendly operation. It’s been cleverly engineered with separate chambers for the fire and oven, a feature that allows the delicious smokiness of wood to infuse into your dishes, giving them that authentic, wood-fired flavor.

Capable of reaching temperatures up to 510°C (950°F), this oven offers the perfect environment for a wide variety of culinary endeavors. Whether you’re in the mood to bake crispy pizzas, roast succulent ribs, prepare perfectly cooked poultry, lamb, vegetables, or slow-cook brisket, or even bake artisanal bread and pies, this oven provides the versatility to do it all. It's an excellent choice for any outdoor chef looking to explore the limitless possibilities of wood-fired cooking.

With its combination of high-temperature baking and roasting capabilities, this outdoor wood-burning oven is a must-have for anyone passionate about creating exceptional, flavorful food in the comfort of their backyard.

*NOTE:  Attachable Side BBQ is sold separately.

  • Unique vertical design with separate chambers for the fire & oven allowing wood flavour smoke to enter the oven chamber for that traditional wood fired flavour
  • Rated for temperatures up to 510°C/ 950°F
  • Provides a combination of baking & roasting
  • Suitable for preparing all kinds of food from pizzas, roasts, ribs, poultry, lamb, vegetables, brisket, bread, pies & the creativity of any discerning outdoor chef
Product Specifications
Brand Omcan
Model CE-CN-1677
Item Number 31313
Type Wood Burning Ovens
Height Without Stand 72”/ 1828.8 mm
Height With Stand 96”/ 2438.4 mm
Cook Chamber Interior 18.5” x 36.25” x 11.25”/ 470 x 920.8 x 286 mm
Fire box Chamber - DWH 16” x 38.5” x 9.5”/ 406 x 978 x 241 mm
Insulation Ceramic fibre insulation +/-2” Thick
Dimensions - DWH 19” x 46” x 31.5”/ 482.6 x 1168 x 800 mm