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KitchenAid - Shave Ice Stand Mixer Attachment

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Brand: KitchenAid
Brand: KitchenAid
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KitchenAid - Shave Ice Stand Mixer Attachment Description

Shave Ice is no ordinary frozen treat. Traditionally made by shaving large blocks of ice, its texture is light & fluffy - unlike the hard and crunchy snow cone. With the KitchenAid Shave Ice Attachment it's so easy to create light, fluffy and snow-like shaved ice to elevate a variety of desserts and drinks. And the customization options are endless - freeze and shave, a fine or coarse texture, of freshwater, juice, coffee and milk or dairy. Then, surprise and delight everyone by offering a variety of syrups, sauces and toppings to finish the dish and make each creation your very own.

Desserts can bring enjoyment and pleasure to any situation, but my busy schedule barely leaves enough time to create a meal for my family, let alone make dessert.
Introducing the new KitchenAid Shave Ice Attachment - giving you the freedom to easily transform simple ingredients into exciting dessert creations.
Simply position a pre-frozen block of plain ice or flavored liquid of your choosing inside the attachment. Next, select your ice coarseness and in under a minute you have consistently textured
shave ice ready for toppings, flavors, and sauces as unique as you can imagine.

Key Features

  • Works with all KitchenAid® Stand Mixers
  • Easily Create Light and Fluffy Shave Ice at Home 
  • 3 Simple Steps to Make Shave Ice
  • Customize Your Ice Creation
  • Easy to Clean

Works with all KitchenAid Stand Mixers

Connect to any household KitchenAid Stand Mixer power hub and use the power of the motor to create a shaved, snow-like ice texture easily at home.

Easily Create Light and Fluffy Shave Ice at Home

Quickly and easily make over 1 pint (500mL) of fine shaved ice in 60 seconds, excludes prep time, based on plain ice using fine blade.

3 Simple Steps to Make Shave Ice

Building your own shaved ice creation is as simple as 3 easy steps: freeze, shave, create.

Customize Your Ice Creation

Freeze and shave a variety of recipes including fresh water, juice, and milk or dairy, then customize your ice creation with a variety of syrups, sauces and toppings.

Easy to Clean

Dishwasher safe food contact parts, upper housing not dishwasher safe.

Stock Up For Sudden Cravings

Four ice molds included so you can freeze fresh water, juice, milk or dairy and be ready for sudden cravings anytime.
Step 1 - Freeze
Begin by filling any of the 4 included ice molds with your base of choice (water is most common). Freeze for 12-24 hours.
Step 2 - Shave 
Next, remove the ice from the mold and allow it to “temper” by resting at room temperature. Then simply choose our blade, load the ice “puck” into the ice cup, release the top lever and shave!
Step 3 - Create
Then, the REAL fun begins. Customize your creation with an array of fun and flavorful syrups, fruits and other tasty toppings.
What's in the box

Model KSMSIA Includes

  • (1) Shave ice attachment
  • (1) Fine blade
  • (1) Coarse blade
  • (4) Plastic ice molds
  • (4) Lids
Product Specifications
Brand KitchenAid
Depth 4.63"
Height 9"
Width 6.25"
Warranty 1 year
Series KitchenAid Mixer Attachments