Kasumi - 6.7" (17cm) Damascus Nakiri Knife - 7184017

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Kasumi - 6.7" (17cm) Damascus Nakiri Knife - 7184017 Description


  • The main cutting blade of KASUMI knives is made of VG-10 high carbon stainless steel that has been developed especially for knives.
  • The blades are hardened to Rockwell C59-60 degrees, and, therefore, keep a sharper cutting edge longer than any other knives.
  • On both sides of the main cutting blade, fine Damascus stainless steel pattern is clad.
  • The KASUMI pattern that you see on both sides of the knives is the result of repeated folding and folding of fine stainless steel into multiple layers.
  • Each knife is carefully finished throughout each step of the manufacturing process by the hands of skilled craftsmen.
  • The beauty of the KASUMI pattern together with the strong black laminated wooden handles makes these knives look graceful, yet strong, and good for any style of cooking.
Brand Kasumi
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