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Cuisipro - 4 Cup Gravy Fat Seperator - 747301

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SKU: OBR-747301
Brand: Cuisipro
SKU: OBR-747301
Brand: Cuisipro
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Cuisipro - 4 Cup Gravy Fat Seperator - 747301 Description

Cuisipro - 4 Cup Gravy Fat Separator - 747301

As Soon as you're in the mood for delicious pan gravies or sauces, the simplicity and handiness of the Cuisipro 4 Cup Gravy Fat Separator will be all you need! The vital component to its effectiveness is due to its construction that filters pan drippage, dividing the fat, allowing you to pour nutritious, tasty meat extracts with a flick of a switch! 

The Cuisipro will be the best fat separator you have ever used. From glass to plastic, spouts to expensive, yet none will work as well as the Cuisipro 4 Cup Gravy Fat Separator. The 4 cups are large enough to catch all the drippings from a 25lb bird! Never be concerned with leakage. This gravy fat separator will keep its contents close and safe, awaiting to be perfectly poured.

The Cuisipro 4 Cup Fat Separator is an impressive invention. The quality will have you looking into other Cuisipro products to purchase to help you cook with confidence. This gravy separator has been recommended by America’s Test Kitchen! That says so much about this exceptional product. On the Cuisipro website, this 4-Cup Fat Separator has received 56, 5-star reviews. The most notable reviews state that this unit works from the bottom, which guarantees no fat or clumping when pouring! 

Pouring Out The Facts:

  • Made of see-through, robust and heat impervious Tritan material
    • Easy Draining feature, it drains from the bottom so only the grease is left behind
    • Easy to take apart and clean
    • Oversized straining basket
    • Built-in capacity indicator
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Size: 4 cup/ 1L (320z/1000ml)


Product Specifications
Brand Cuisipro
Height 6
Limited Lifetime No