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Churchill - Igneous 3.3 oz Igneous Natural Ramekin - 6/Case

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Brand: Churchill
Brand: Churchill
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Churchill - Igneous 3.3 oz Igneous Natural Ramekin - 6/Case Description


Igneous has its own distinctive style, an innovative Vitrified Stoneware range of cookware and beverage items. Igneous features a subtle embossed design, combined with an rustic biscuit edge, ideal for creative tabletop displays. 

Art de Cuisine focuses on meeting the latest culinary and fashion trends. Product ranges can reflect trends including European design, cafe and bistro settings to a contemporary rustic ambience. The product ranges are made in materials to suit the design trend, be it wood, porcelain, stoneware or fine bone china, making Art de Cuisine as dynamic as your menu.

The Menu professional porcelain body has been specially developed by Churchill to ensure the product is fit for professional use. A contemporary collection of stylish yet functional brilliant white porcelain. Igneous stoneware adds authenticity to any menu. With a range of cook-and-serve items that can be used from the oven to the table.

All of our wooden boards are double-sided for versatility and can be used for countless food presentation opportunities across the entire menu. All wooden boards are food safe and environmentally friendly, designed to resist warping and cracking. All boards are suitable for direct contact with food, however ensure appropriate cleaning and aftercare.

The Fine Bone China Range, Illuminate has a 43% bone content, which gives the product its translucency, strength and brilliant white colour.


Manufactured in the UK since 1795, Churchill's tableware is precisely engineered to perform to the demands of the hospitality environment. Every step in the process is practised and refined. From the sourcing of raw materials, the configuration of the clay body, the shape engineering and numerous quality checks ensure that Churchill products work as hard as you do. Churchill blends centuries of experience with cutting edge technology and design innovation to produce one of the strongest ceramic bodies in the world. Churchill's tableware is precisely engineered to perform to the demands of the hospitality environment.  


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Product Specifications
Brand Churchill
Series Igneous
Type Ramekin
Capacity 3.3 oz
Color Igneous Natural
Material Stoneware
Case Pack Size 6