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Churchill - Alchemy Energy 11" White Square Plate - 6/Case

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Brand: Churchill
Brand: Churchill
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Churchill - Alchemy Energy 11" White Square Plate - 6/Case Description

Excuisite fine china in a range of complementary designs to suit every mood and occasion. Premium collections designed with the professional in mind. Restauranteurs can create the ultimate fine dining experience.
• Dedicated research, talking to and understanding the needs of the world’s top chefs, has lead to the careful creation of each range.
• The clays used to manufacture the Alchemy fine china body are specially selected for their ability to produce an incredibly white colour in the final product.
• Alchemy’s fine china body is unique: it has a combination of high Alumina content and specially selected clays.
• The whiteness of Alchemy provides the perfect canvass for food and makes Alchemy stand out from the crowd of other ceramic products.
• Wherever possible, Alchemy is pin-fired, meaning the maximum surface area possible of each item is covered with glaze, thus minimising the risks associated with an un-glazed foot.
• This smooth, “glazed” foot prevents damage to the ware when stacked or stored, and reduces the risks of bacterial contamination, even after dishwashing.
• It is a vitreous china body that does not absorb moisture, is more hygienic and has excellent heat retention properties.
• Its high resistance to thermal shock helps to reduce breakages.
• Alchemy is incredibly durable and strong. The high percentage of Alumina added to the raw materials further enhances the strength of the product.
• In addition it is backed up by 5 year edge chip warranty (terms & conditions apply)


Manufactured in the UK since 1795, Churchill's tableware is precisely engineered to perform to the demands of the hospitality environment. Every step in the process is practised and refined. From the sourcing of raw materials, the configuration of the clay body, the shape engineering and numerous quality checks ensure that Churchill products work as hard as you do. Churchill blends centuries of experience with cutting edge technology and design innovation to produce one of the strongest ceramic bodies in the world. Churchill's tableware is precisely engineered to perform to the demands of the hospitality environment.  


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Product Specifications
Brand Churchill
Series Alchemy Energy
Shape Square
Type Plate
Size 11"
Color White
Material Alchemy Fine China
Case Pack Size 6