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The Trade Of Luxury Glassware
The Riedel story goes back beyond the 1700s to 1673 when Johann Cristoph was born. Bohemian crystal glass was his passion until tragically murder in 1723…Taking a positive turn to today, Riedel is the prominent wine glass maker in the world. From stems to stemless and in between, the evolution of wine drinking starts and ends with Riedel in your hand. 
A Glass Dynasty
The only thing that has changed since 1890 is their trademark. Riedel is a true dynasty in glassware, plain and simply put. Now manufacturing both hand-made and machine manufactured products, Riedel is ready for hotel to home use. Their dedication to craftsmanship is unparalleled in the industry. 
Shape Matters
The philosophy in shape is what sets Riedel apart from any other glassware manufacturer on earth. Stemware is comprised of 3 segments: The base, bowl, and the stem. The stature of the stem and the breadth of the base are part of the glass’ construction (identified as the architecture). Varietal wine specific stemware showcases delicately pitched glass bowls comprising of 3 variables: form, mass, and rim diameter. This, and only this, brings the human senses to the wine itself. 
Unique Optical Effects
Bring style and functionality to your next party with Riedel glassware. With three generations of research, development, and knowledge in producing practical, grape varietal glassware, Riedel knows best on how to get the most out of your glass of vino. Riedel brings a technologically superior and user-friendly compilation of wine glasses to your home or establishment for all to enjoy.
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