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15 Surprising Things You Can Make in a Panini Press

15 Surprising Things You Can Make in a Panini Press

2020 Aug 5th

So, what is a panini press? May folks think that the panini press simply smashes and warms bread, and its ingredients inside slightly. Or, that they were a fad from the 1980’s. Obviously, these opinions are clearly wrong since the panini press is the unsung multi-tasking workhorse kitchen appliance that provides countless recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All you have to do is select your desired temperature, place your unique and surprising ingredients on the grilling surface, set the time, and await the greatest meal you were never expecting from a panini press!

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15 Surprising Foods to Make with a Panini Press:

There really are no better sandwiches in the world than one that is conceived on a panini press. Remarkably, there are many more options for your panini press to perform its magic for your family’s meals on the daily. Here are 15 of our favourite surprising foods that we love to press!

Quesadillas on grill


Quesadillas for the kids only takes minutes to achieve as both a quick lunch and as a great way to quiet and calm them during the lazy days of summer. Follow the instructions of your panini maker about preheating. Add some Mexican or cheddar cheese between a flour tortilla and fold. Rub a bit of butter on the outside of each side. Place the quesadilla in your panini press, and within a few minutes, a golden brown and crispy quesadilla will appear!


There are numerous methods of bacon making available online to try for yourself. Well, look no further than your trusty panini press! When you effortlessly place bacon on a slightly preheated panini press, close the lid, and in 10 minutes have perfectly crispy bacon, why would you mess around with any other technique?! The grease runs down into the drip tray for the easiest clean-up ever! We forgot to mention, make sure to crack some black pepper on both sides of your bacon before placing in your panini maker for an extra kick!


Have you ever wanted an omelette but did not have the time or energy to deal with making the beloved breakfast treat? Simmer up some bell peppers, onion, and ham piece on your panini press. Once softened, pour your scrambled eggs with a bit of milk included over the other ingredients. Cook for just a minute or so, then add some cheese and roll it up! Eat as it is, or place in a flour tortilla or bread for a to-go sandwich or burrito.

hash browns

Hash Browns

Homemade hash browns in a panini maker are the best! Shred Russet potatoes in a large bowl. Strain as much water out of the shredded potatoes as possible. Mix in enough olive oil to coat the potatoes. Add your favorite seasonings and/or some herbs. Place on your panini press for approximately 8 minutes until GBD (Golden Brown & Delicious!). So easy and so, so good!


Do not throw away that great Italian or French bread that has gone stale on you. Simply sprinkle some Ranch seasoning along with some parmesan over the bread. Place in your preheated panini press until that stale bread becomes a salad topping superstar! Use a Shun bread knife to cut into bite-size pieces.

French Toast

Start your day off right with two pieces of brioche dunked in a solution of scrambled eggs, milk, and cinnamon. Placed upon your panini press for around four minutes will deliver you a flawless crust with an almost custard-like interior. Topped with some powdered sugar and a few drops of lemon juice, and the day has begun wonderfully already!


One of the biggest panini maker recipes searched for are burgers! Using a panini press for cooking a burger is ideal in many ways. First, the grease drips into its drip pan for added health and taste benefits. Secondly, the char on the exterior is impeccable, while the interior remains moist and juicy. Have fun with your burger creations all year around with a panini press!


Grilled veggies are delightful and healthy. But using a pan can create a mushy and over-cooked mouthfeel to most vegetables. Using a panini press for grilling veggies offers an outdoor, grilled taste while staying indoors and wasting little time in prepping. Add just a few drops of EVOO to your cut veggies with some herbs and spices (& maybe Parm?). Give it a toss to coat, place it uniformly on your panini press, close the lid, and once the char and doneness are to your liking, remove & enjoy!


When it comes to unique panini press ideas, baking a cake in one sure stands out! We tried it and loved it! If you are in a hurry for a dessert for your gathering, mix store-bought cake mix, grease your Pasabahce Ramekins, then place the ingredients inside. Cook with your panini press lid lying gently on top of the ramekins for 17 to 20 minutes on medium heat. Frost when cooled then serve in the ramekins for an elegant and easy dessert.

Apple Turnover

Puffed pastry and your own recipe for caramelized apples will create the most ridiculous apple turnover you have ever eaten! Combine a scoop of apple filling onto a puffed pastry wedge, turn it over and crimp, then toss it onto the panini maker with some brushed butter to make this panini recipe everyone will love. Top with vanilla ice cream of course!

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Waffle Cones

The smell of waffle cones is a memory nobody forgets. Making them at home could not be more simple! Lay your waffle batter onto your panini press, then smooth it out to your desired thickness. The thinner the better for this recipe is our recommendation. Once the edge turns a bit golden, Remove with tongs and fold around a homemade cardboard cone-shaped mold. And now you have the summer boardwalk memories every time you wish!


An awesome recipe for Indian flatbread known as naan uses a panini press to achieve perfect results. Utilizing different aromatic herbs and spices adds to the exotic taste of this bread. Mix all your ingredients for the flatbread according to instructions. Once it has rested and is ready to be baked, place a 6” round onto the panini press and cook until starting to burn and bubble a bit on both sides. Sprinkle with chopped cilantro to make it really special!

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Cinnamon Rolls

Whether you purchase a store-bought roll of cinnamon rolls or make your own recipe handed down from grandma, the panini press will be your best friend. Cooking them alone on the panini press surface or inside a ramekin like the cake recipe above allows for a beautiful, crusty exterior to form unlike any other method of baking cinnamon rolls.


Grilled chicken can’t get quicker than in between a panini press. Gorgeous grill marks even add to the presentation value when chicken is cooked in a panini press. Adding a BBQ sauce or teriyaki sauce at the end of cooking caramelized that sugar into the crunchy chicken for absolute fulfillment!


Fish can be a pain to cook. Try it on a panini press, and it will surely change your mind. Heat your panini press to high. Dry off your fish fillets. Oil the panini and the fish. Add your favourite dry rub to the fish and cook until done. It is now too easy to perfect fish since the panini press came into existence!

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Break out that old Panini Press or go Grab a New One!

As you can see, we do love our panini press. The uses truly are endless when you get creative. The panini press is unique to most cooking methods with its two-piece construction using weight and heat from above and heat below to create searing or toasting on food that no other method can perform. Hopefully you will now try your panini press again to make some of the above recipes. Our inventory of panini presses and panini makers is the best in Canada if you are in the market for one of these really cool kitchen appliances.

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