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Ankarsrum - Vegetable Slicer/Shredder Attachment

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SKU: AKM-103001
Brand: Ankarsrum
SKU: AKM-103001
Brand: Ankarsrum
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Ankarsrum - Vegetable Slicer/Shredder Attachment Description

This versatile attachment will do everything from slice potatoes to grate cabbage for sauerkraut or coleslaw, shred cheese or grate nuts. Comes with a slicing drum and 2 size shredding drums.

The Kitchen Assistant

If baking bread is your strong suit, then you probably already have an Ankarsrum Stand Mixer. Producing superior baking results are obvious with Ankarsums’ 600 watts of power.  But, if you have an Ankarsrum Stand Mixer, then more than bread will be baked. The vegetable slicer/shredder attachment is great for turning your stand mixer into a professional food processor! 

Crisis Recipes

Starting off in 1940 Sweden, “The Assistant” was launched. Being one of the strongest all-purpose mixers at that time, popularity grew to almost every household in Sweden owning an Ankarsrum Stand Mixer. During the war, “crisis recipes” were enclosed in the box to ensure a cheap and healthy meal could be made using their stand mixers. 

Today, Ankarsrum remains as a true workhorse in the commercial and residential kitchens. Receiving “best in test” with now a plethora of attachments such as the Ankarsrum Veggie Slicer & Shredder Attachment, shows that Ankarsrum is way more than just a mixer. 

Garden Burgers Anyone?

Think outside the box when deploying your Ankarsrum Stand Mixer. Slip on the veggie slicer to create the perfect amount of sliced veggies for veggie burgers. If cheese is a top many of your meals, then make it quicker utilizing the Ankarsrum veggie/shredder attachment. After that, of course bake your own buns by whipping up a batch of gluten-free hamburger bun dough inside your Ankarsrum!

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