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Outset - 12" x 8" Natural Pink Himalayan Salt Block Cooking Plate With Tray

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SKU: FOX-76513
Brand: Fox Run
SKU: FOX-76513
Brand: Fox Run
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Outset - 12" x 8" Natural Pink Himalayan Salt Block Cooking Plate With Tray Description

Spice up your life with this gorgeous Himalayan salt block with holder tray! Made from beautiful pink Himalayan salt, this piece is sure to accent any kitchen or countertop with its pop of color. The natural salt properties make this an excellent upgrade to your standard cooking and grilling process. The convenient tray with handles allows for easy transport. Due to its inherent qualities, the block transfers added flavor to anything that touches it, giving your meats and vegetables an added delicious kick. The heat transfer properties of this cutting board also allow it to retain both hot and cold temperatures, meaning you can keep food fresh or warm, depending on your needs. Can be used to bake cookies, scones, pizzas, and other baked goods. Also functions has a gorgeous charcuterie board. Care instructions: Avoid running your natural salt block under water or submerging in water, as any remaining moisture in the salt slab can cause breakage upon heating. Be sure to let your salt slab dry for at least 24 hours after exposure to any moisture. There is no need to use soap or detergent on your Himalayan salt slab, as it is naturally anti-fungal and anti-microbial. You may wish to freshen your salt block with a bit of lemon juice from time to time.

Perfect for high heat cooking, grilling, chilling and serving. 

Outset Himalayan pink salt contains over 80 trace minerals, which are known to have health benefits suchs as balancing your body's pH, stabilizing hydration levels, improving digestion, and reducing acid reflux. 

It will release just a hint of its very unique salt flavor into your food and will look impressive when used as a serving platter. Food will not stick to the slab!

The cooking slab's low porosity creates a naturally anti-microbial environment which prevents harmful bacteria and germs from infesting the cooking slab. 

In addition to being a great shilling surface, the cooking slab is excellent for high heat cooking. It has a melting point of 1500°F. It can retain hot temperature for a very long period of time. Wearing leather high heat gloves when handling is highly recommended. 

Cooking Precautions

Himalayan pink salt should be heated at a rate of nore more than 200 degrees of temperature per 15 minutes. 

Do not put oil directly on the cooking slab, brush it lighty on your food. Oil applied directly to the block will work its way into the cracks and could catch fire. 

Store in any location whre humidty is at a minimum. If you live in a humid climate. wrap the block in a towel and put it in the cupboard. 

Not recommended to put inside a stone oven. 


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Brand Fox Run