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Global Knives
Change Is Good!
Nothing was wrong at the Yoshikin factory which had success since 1954. But Global Knives knew bringing in the best fresh talent the country could offer would ultimately cut the competition down. Here comes Komin Yamada and his expertise in designing with the latest alloy, “Japanese Steel”.  Once Komin and his brilliant mind teamed up with Yuzo Yamada, the family who owned the Yoshikin factory in 1985, Global took off as one of the premier cutlery companies of  Japan, and now the world. 
Global Knives are Different Than Western-Styled Knives
Comparing the European manufacturers of knives against Japanese-styled, or in this case, Global knives, there is no winner. Quality from either side of the earth when it comes to cutlery, comes from many nations now-a-days. Global knives are separated from their counterparts due to a thinner blade and a harder alloy of steel elements. Proving these knives superior with delicate work such as sushi, or thin dicing for the wok
Japanese Integrity & Honor Is Supreme @ Global!
Utilizing the way of the Samurai, Global has achieved flawless balance with the hand-feel of the knife and its weight. Pride is evident, hand crafting 50 different possibilities of knives in the same factory since the start confirms attention to detail at its finest! 
Holding A Piece Of Sharp Art Is Invigorating!
The beauty and strength that comes with a Global knife is worth its weight in gold! The Global knife is an addition of your hand, not just a tool. The ergonomic handles and classic Japanese looks look and feel great cooking and displaying in their block set. 
The Late, Great Tony Bourdain Loved Global Knives
The greats like Michel Roux Jr., Ludo Lefebvre, and the late Tony Bourdain all use Global knives. Since 1990, Global knives has received at least 19 awards for the masterpieces from around the globe. 
Stay Swift Like The Samurai
Not saying if you use a Global knife, you will instantly become a Martial Arts expert…But you will feel more advanced in the kitchen! Global knives are genuinely a work of art that are a pure pleasure to operate. Use your Zen, or seek help in finding your next meal using your Astrological Sign. Look into the stars by clicking HERE
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