BIOS Living - Built-up Medical Dessert Spoon

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BIOS Living - Built-up Medical Dessert Spoon Description

The flexible ribbing on the latex free built up handle adapts to any grip. The fork and spoon have a special twist built into the metal shaft, allowing them to be bent to any angle. Suitable for both left/right handed use. This utensil line is a great solution for arthritis, neurological impairments or generalised weakness. Users will find these utensils comfortable to hold, less stressful to use and easily adaptable to any eating sitaution.

Handle: 1 1/2" / 3.5 cm

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LF718 Soup Spoon 3.1oz/88g
LF720 Rocker Knife 2.9oz/82g
Brand Bios
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type Digital;Oven
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