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Everyone will agree that you want a high-quality steel knife to perform many kitchen tasks. This blade design from Shun, the Sora, suits the intended uses and much more for the chef or home cook! The Shun Sora Collection has a comfortable handle, outstanding balance, and, ideally, an extended warranty that will cover any future mishaps. Shun’s Sora line has all these features, at least at first glance. So why is it so inexpensive compared to Shun’s other products? You’ll quickly see how Shun can cut their costs when making Sora knives and learn which shortcuts impact the blade’s quality.

Shun has amended various methods with the design and construction of the Shun Knife Collection in ways that might make other knife manufacturers jealous! Shun Sora knives are made of VG-10 wrapped in stainless steel for aesthetics and stain resistance. From an aesthetic point of view, this is a nice feature that enables Shun to create a San Mai edge where the two types of metal meet. The contrast in color creates a subtle wave just above the cutting edge that’s quite pretty.

The Sora line features synthetic polymer handles in a traditional Japanese shape. This allows the knives to look fancy from a distance and up close and personal. The handles are slightly grippier than conventional wood and more comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with these Shun Sora knives, just a lower-cost option that saves Shun, and yourself, some money. 

Interestingly, Sora’s cutting-edge warranty is the same as the more expensive Shun Collections. You can expect the same incredible cutting performance right out of the box. A steep 16-degree double bezel is sharper than the edge on most Victorinox or Wusthof knives. Shun is also happy to sharpen your knife for you under the terms of their generous warranty. We at WFE are also glad to help sharpen your Shun knives!

This makes the Shun Sora Collection great for any kitchen where utensils have been treasured for many years. There’s no denying that Shun’s Sora Knife Set is one of the cheapest ways to get a VG-10 blade into your kitchen. The prominent Shun branding and great visual design will impress your dinner guests. If you want a dependable and affordable knife collection that you can use for many years, the Shun Sora is your blade!
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