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Shun Premier
Japan has become incredibly popular worldwide for its kitchen knives; manufacturers like Shun and their Premier collection are among the most significant reasons. Utilizing the ancient blacksmithing arts of the samurai, the love and care put into each Shun Premier knife is worth 1000s of years of history. Shun isn't simply content with looking towards the past; it's also looking towards the future by incorporating the most state-of-the-art metal composite technology to create blades that are much sharper and more durable than many home cooks are used to employing.

The Premier set of knives from Shun has the best out-of-the-box sharpness of any knife we here at WFE have reviewed in a long time, or possibly ever. The blade glides right through most foods. Its edge makes you realize what's wrong with the other high-end knives out there. Every cut feels unburdened. Any enthusiast worth their salt will tell you that out-of-the-box sharpness is less crucial than the grind ability. It's common for Japanese knife makers only to put an essential edge on their knives so the customer can grind their micro bevel the way they want. Shun, and their Premier series does not do that!

The Shun Premier collection of knives is the most incredible friend to your kitchen. Not just because they cut incredibly well and feel comfortable over long periods but because it offers something unique as a western style chef's knife that cuts more like thinner Japanese knives. The blade's shape and the handle's fullness make you want to treat it like a thicker western knife. Yet executing exact cuts with satisfying ease makes the Shun Premier collection worth it! While testing this Premier set, we enjoyed cutting thin slices of tomatoes and onions with the Shun 4" Paring Knife

The Shun Premier collection is for those more skilled in the kitchen. In the hands of someone remotely competent, a Shun Premier knife turns into a real thing of beauty. The blades on the Shun Premier Set have a core of VG-MAX super steel that is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. It keeps a sharp edge, which means less frequent sharpening. The Shun Premier collection has 68 micro-layers of Damascus steel. The design is more than skin-deep. It serves a purpose in constructing the knives: The combination of metals creates micro-serrations on the edge that keep your blade super sharp so you can slice, and the food falls away without sticking.

All Shun Premier knives are all sharpened to 16 degrees. And they work like a charm right from the get-go! When you feel your Shun Premier knife is becoming dull, we recommend sharpening them to a more standard angle, learning to hone it at 16 degrees by hand, or bringing it back in for a free sharpening anytime in-store at Williams Food Equipment! The Damascus steel cladding on the blades looks pretty. Still, it also protects and supports the core, so keep it properly maintained and protected. 

Whatever type of kitchen knife you're looking for, and whether you're looking for just one or a whole set, you won't be disappointed with a Shun Premier knife. So go ahead and check out the Shun Premier knife collections here. Remember, this collection is available in Grey too!
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