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The Kanso collection’s handles have fascinated us here at Williams Food Equipment. They are created from the heartwood of the Panga-Panga tree and then carved into a diagonal, ergonomic shape that promotes the desired chef’s grip. Many in the fine dining industry praise the natural wood handle’s look, comfort, and resilience. The Kanso set of knives has a rustic appearance that you do not often find in high-end Japanese cutlery. The wood is sanded and polished to reveal its dark, natural grain, giving these knives a sophisticated look. 

The Kanso assortment of knives from Shun features a fine-grained blade pattern that conceals abrasions. These blades in the Kanso set from Shun feature a sponge-like, fine-grained print across the cladding (the vast portion of the knife’s edge). The Kanso collection of cutlery is constructed from a single slice of quality AUS10A steel. The full-tang (blade section that stretches through the grip) is visible on the handle’s top and underside. 

Kanso blade handles are skewed to create an appealing and ergonomic conventional shape that fits easily into the palm of your cutting hand. The natural contouring makes it easy to execute a pinch grip and reduces wrist stress during challenging ingredient preps. It is rust-tolerant, high-carbon steel that delivers strong edge retention when properly sharpened. The Shun Kanso collection is hand-honed to an approximate 16-degree angle on each side. This angle presents a razor-sharp edge that will easily cut evenly across most things. 

These knives are sharper than most Western edges. All Shun’s knives, including the Kanso collection, are handcrafted in Japan and forged, not stamped out. In straightforward terms, this indicates that Shun’s blades are made from a single piece (or cladded layers) of premium, high-carbon steel, which is then superheated, shaped, and hammered into the proper shape. The forging method produces a fuller and sharper blade with superior edge preservation. Stamped blades, in contrast, are cut from a single piece of metal (comparable to the approach a cookie is cut off on a layer of dough). 

Family cooks and expert chefs love the Kanso collection. Some say the Kanso Chef’s knife is the best they’ve ever used! We here at WFE agree that all knives from Shun are indeed a piece of art. The Kanso series delivers an investment that lasts forever. Especially with Shun and our guarantees and warranties in place, Shun is one irreplaceable brand! 


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