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Zavor cookware has been manufacturing cookware for 25 years and is a globally known cookware brand specializing in pressure cookers and multi-cookers.  These are popular competitors to Instapot.  Zavor takes pride in focusing on a healthier lifestyle and develops products specifically for the purpose of making eating healthy more convenient.  They also take pride in these meals bringing family and friends together over a diverse set of meal options that are all fast, convenient, and healthy.  Mind you, you can whip up some pretty unhealthy desserts in one of these and still be delighted.  Everything in moderation.
From simple pressure cooker and old school style lid closure to the technology laden new pressure cookers with digital display and advanced automation features, Zavor has your fast and healthy eating options covered for your cooking style and genre. Zavor features models with 4 quart capacity, 6 quart capacity, 8 quart capacity, and 10 quart capacity. 
These new multi-cookers will dazzle you with their capabilities.  This 4-in-1 machine boasts the ability to act as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, and yogurt maker.  Now talk about versatile, this machine can compete with a Transformer.  The multi-cooker has 12 presets making cooking in this appliance a simple experience just as Zavor is aiming for.  
Zavor is passionate about healthy food and has an American Test Kitchen dedicated to proving this. You can find hundreds of recipes on the Zavor website which may inspire you to come on back and pick up your first multi-cooker.  Check Zavor out the recipes now.>>
Reid has his multi-cooker recipes available on our recipe blog as well.  If you’re vegan, you may enjoy his most recent share with the 10 Best Vegan Recipes you can make in a multi-cooker.  Get the vegan recipes here now>>
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