Wolf Gourmet
Wolf Gourmet is a division of the parent company, Sub-zero.  This Wolf Gourmet division of countertop appliances was founded in 2000.  This brand expansion leveraged eight decades of professional-grade cooking appliance knowledge.
Focusing on technology, design, and product durability, the new Wolf Gourmet brand launched 50 new products in 2000 to enhance home cooks abilities tools and everywhere.  
Wolf Gourmet is made in American out of one of their two facilities in Wisconsin and Arizona, guaranteeing the quality you get out of box is top-notch. Taking pride in the quality and durability of their countertop cooking appliances, Wolf Gourmet products are designed to last 20 years. With this design, Wolf Gourmet stands behind their goals with a lifetime warranty on all products.  Their best-in-class customer service team is available to support your needs out of their Madison, Wisconsin facility.  
Some of the more popular Wolf Gourmet countertop appliances include Toasters, Countertop Ovens, Coffee Makers, the new popular cooking method using griddles: Precision Griddles, Stand Mixers, and Multi-purpose Cookers.  Some of the less familiar or known Wolf Gourmet products include knives and complete cooking sets. 
Wolf Gourmet believes in getting back to times where we spent more time together as a family and this includes cooking together and eating together.  There was a time where eating at home with your family was the number one place we ate.  Now days, with so many options and the fast-paced lives we’ve created, grabbing fast food with less meaning, and using food as a utility rather than a meeting has take over.  Let’s get back to some of our more meaningful meals with your family.  We encourage you to try some of our recipes below in your Wolf Gourmet Multi-Purpose Cooker or your Countertop Oven, or the new popular Countertop Griddle.
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