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Wellnessmats at Williams Food Equipment

Wellness Mats
Addressing Ergonomic Concerns
Standing too long hurts. Wellness Mats has created an incredible solution for pain when standing! Since 1996 Wellness Mats have strived to ensure we all have a healthy way of life. With their innovations and new technologies always on the forefront, Wellness Mats makes standing better! 
Standing Proud
Wellness Mats are a unique company since they started with just the one concept: A premium standing solution. Providing comfort while standing is paramount in numerous occupations. Wellness Mats knew there was a problem, and they solved it!
A Healthy Lifestyle From The Ground Up!
What drives Wellness Mats is health. A “healthy Way of Life” is their motto. Never compromise values and integrity. And always expand, elevate, and develop meaningful creations that match today’s multi-tasking life. Education is another strong belief Wellness Mats centers itself around. Teaching healthy practices is what its all about at Wellness Mats!
Make Your Life More Comfortable
Life is hard enough…And getting old is even tougher…Add insurance to your posture starting with a Wellness Mat. Save your feet, ankles, knees, and hips by standing on a Wellness Mat vs any other surface. They have been doing the research and development since 1996. All we must do is stand on it to start saving our bodies now and for those later years. 
1,165 5 Star Reviews!
Here are just a few of the reviews:
Deb H.
Verified purchase
Verified purchase
This is my 6th purchase now from Wellness Mats! I couldn’t live without them for my wood floors and tiled laundry room- save our feet! Highly recommend- there are imitators out there- but none compare to the OG!
Laura M.
Verified purchase
It's such a nice mat! At first I thought the price was absurd, but it has been well worth it in my little exercise room during covid.
Verified purchase
Fred B.
Verified purchase
Softest and most comfortable mat we have ever had. We use in in the kitchen when we are cooking or cleaning up. It’s the best!
Plus, Celebrity Chef Rick Bayless can’t say enough about Wellness Mats! “They really do feel like you are standing on clouds!”
Self-Preservation Starts With Wellness Mats
Save yourself and others with the use of Wellness Mats wherever you stand the most. Sounds simple because it is. Once you start using Wellness Mats at your home and business, you will soon realize how much better you feel already! And the long-term attributes of proper posture are something many forget. Thankfully Wellness Mats didn’t!
Take a load off and relax after being on your feet all day. Check out one of our favorite ways to relax: Wine!
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