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Waring Commercial
Many are too young now a days to remember Fredrick Malcolm Waring Sr. Born in 1900 and described as “The Man Who Taught America to Sing”, Fred was a heck of a guy. From choral workshops, teaching others, like Sinatra to sing, to radio, records, and TV, Mr. Waring was multi-talented obviously.
Enough on the impressive singing career, Mr. Waring eventually met inventor Frederick Jacob Osius in 1936 who led the path to the Waring blender. Now with 80+ years of engineering knowhow, Waring is pleased to propose nonstop expanding collections of superior professional products for the commercial and residential kitchens.
Fascinated By Gizmos
What makes the Waring company unique is Mr. Waring himself! Without Mr. Osius (who was already rich from his own company) walking into Fred’s dressing room with a crazy new gadget like a blendor (spelled their way) the Waring Commercial company would probably be a moot point. 
Waring Strives To Provide Innovative, Customized Equipment
Fred was surely a unique, inventive chap. Waring Commercial strives to continue his inventiveness throughout the 21st century. Waring continues their focus on revolutionary and advanced technology to develop new products that enhance the daily lives and companies of their consumer and licensed buyers all over the planet.
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Choosing a Waring Blender is choosing a part of history. The story of Fred Waring is awesome, but he was also a pioneer and entrepreneur who saw the future of the culinary world. Waring products in your home look as cool as they work. The quality is evident upon the first usage. That’s why everyone knows the Waring name for the last 43 years.
Awards & Honors
The 83-year-old Waring was bestowed the Congressional Gold Medal, the country's top award for a private citizen.  Fred won numerous awards in chorus as well. As for the blender, Jonas Salk used a Waring Blender to help find a vaccine for polio!
Blend, Prep, Cook & Brew
If you are need of some kitchen help, Waring is your solution specialist. Check them out for blenders undoubtedly, but make sure to peruse all their other neat stuff like food processors, pizza ovens, juicers and more!
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