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Teak Haus
Where We Share Food
TeakHaus is remarkable! They take undeveloped lands and turn that property into a lush teak forest using amazing new technology. This provides countless jobs for the locals and gives us the best cutting boards nature has to offer! Now you can cook with style while sharing all your food and fun with your friends & family! 
From The Ground Up
TeakHaus takes care of everything from the ground up! Each part of the process is overseen by the team of profession ecologists and arborists that ensure a healthy life for the earth, the trees, and the all the people involved in producing these fabulous cutting boards. 
Viable Forest Management Around The World
From beautiful logs comes gorgeous cutting boards. TeakHaus’ dedication to forest management is the most magnificent characteristic of this company. Safeguarding the best for the forest and the humans before any profits have been made shows that TeakHaus cares! 
Follow TeakHaus
With over 800 on Pinterest, 2,400 on Facebook, and 2,300 on Instagram, this company from Nayarit Mexico has become a recognized global brand not only for their quality teak wood, but their passionate commitment to society and nature. 
These Are Stunning Cutting Boards!
Have breakfast in bed, feeling as though you are in the tropics with the TeakHaus Elegant Collection Teakwood Board. This gorgeous product is just one of many that will bring you to paradise! And as we always mention, TeakHaus makes for an excellent gift!
Have afternoon tea and sandwiches atop a TeakHaus board. Tea is never going out of fashion. Check out all things tea right HERE.
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