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Right Here In Ontario!
Swissmar’s corporate headquarters is just down the street in Ontario. Distributing affordable and quality products since 1983, Swissmar’s partnerships since their inception have gained the company a multitude of kitchen creations for todays needs. 
When checking out Swissmar’s timeline of successful business decisions, tenacity is what makes Swissmar a unique company. Always striving to find the latest and greatest products and companies to work with is what makes Swissmar successful as a company, and a victory in their products for our homes. 
The values and beliefs held at the Swissmar Corporation are: Responsibility, Marketing, Sales, Partnering, Launching & Distribution. Every year, Swissmar is pursuing new ventures. This pursuit to excellence is what makes Swissmar supreme in its domain! 
Look No Further!
With Swissmar’s belief structure of continuing to search for more acquisitions, this means the products for us are never-ending! Swissmar’s gadgets are awesome because Swissmar has previously uncovered the worth already for us, saving us cash on the consumer end.
Awarded Through Their Partnerships
Achieving such success through Swissmar’s numerous partnerships have facilitated numerous honors and medals. An example is 2004. Partnering with Dalla Piazza of Switzerland exclusively in North America contributed to Dalla Piazza winning the Nuscup Retailers’ Choice Award in 2005! 
The Innovations Continue Constantly!
With 8 top brands for Swissmar, choosing the next gizmo, gadget, or appliance will be sure to be on the website. Searching the globe for the latest & greatest in kitchenware, Swissmar engenders an easier feeling for us as home cooks!
 With all your new toys for the kitchen, and things starting to come back to normal, use some of your new Swissmar gadgets to make lunch, not go buy it…Learn some cool lunch box ideas for the adult appetite by clicking HERE!
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