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Swiss Army Knives
The World’s Multi-Tasking Tool
Karl Elsener, who’s name might not be one of household fame, started the Swiss Army Knife company. Victorinox is now the brand name we all know as Swiss Army knife. Starting back in 1884, Karl’s innovative nature has led to most likely the best multitasking tool ever invented. 
So Much From So Little!
The Swiss Army Knife doesn’t need any explanations. That’s what makes the Swiss Army Knife one of the most unique products on earth. From 1884, the Swiss Army Knife has continued to evolve with the times and technology. If you have a problem, a Swiss Army Knife can resolve it!
Inspired By Functionality & Reliability
Supplying knives for soldiers wasn’t handed to Karl Elsener. He had to work hard to achieve his dreams. This is why Victorinox, Wenger, and the Swiss Army knife brands are iconic in design in their own various fields. The Swiss principles and ideas in value, quality, and innovation stand genuine in all Swiss Army Knives made today.
Awards & Labels
Swiss Army Knife is delighted to have been honored with numerous awards for their environmental commitment, capacity for innovation and sustainable management. In addition, numerous labels lend an official stamp to Swiss Army Knife’s unfailing commitment.
  • REACH is a Europe-wide standard for substances and preparations. Victorinox fulfills all directives and regulations.
  • Thanks to the support of a broad range of sustainability efforts, Victorinox was honored to receive the company prize from the Schweizerischen Umweltstiftung [Swiss Environmental Foundation] in 2008.
  • The Green Dot is a German labeling system for recycling packaging. Victorinox has been a member since 1993.
  • As a distributor of goods destined for private end users, Victorinox also participates in a system for the return of transport packaging.
Everyone Deserves A swiss Army Knife!
There really is no need in convincing you about a Swiss Army Knife. The only thing is to remind you how invaluable they are when you are stuck in a crunch, and there is no Swiss Army Knife in your pocket, purse, or keychain…
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