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No Nonsense For Over 40 Years
For more than 40 years, Progressive has been forming pioneering kitchen devices and tools that produce fast preparation while encouraging fun, creative culinary experiences for the home cook. Progressive’s commitment to delivering quality goods, reinforced by excellent customer service, pushes their imaginative advancement into 2021 and beyond.
What You Need, Progressive Makes!
Progressive International constantly tries to comprehend the demands of today’s chefs. Their squad is encompassed by brilliant, enthusiastic, and ardent folks dedicated to reimagining where we cook. Progressive makes every effort to pass their excitement on to their customers through carefully constructed implements, covered by their passionate yearning to go outside the box.
Connecting Families Through The Kitchen
Progressive’s philosophy is straightforward: Propose elegant products to the customer accompanied by flawless functionality. Progressive understands the kitchen is the soul of your abode, where everyone connects and gathers.  Progressive’s unending objective is to offer excellent kitchen necessities that assist cooks of all skill sets make meals worth sharing with the entire group!
So Many Gift Ideas, It’s Unreal!
Between the stuff you already need yourself, and with the holidays upon us, Progressive is primary pick for everyone’s kitchen gadget needs! From Progressive’s Collaspibles line to their high-end  PL8 line of products and accessories, Progressive is sure to bring a smile to any cook!
In The News
Progressive International received the President's Volunteer Service Award for their effort in 2016 working with the Ronald McDonald House. Progressive was very thankful to have such involved personnel to make everyone’s dreams come true!
In 2015, Rachael Ray and Joy of Kosher magazines features Progressive. From beyond, Progressive has been showcased in numerous mags and tv shows!
Progressive Has It All!
It is an obvious choice to check out Progressive and all their gadgets for your, or someone else’s kitchen. The options are endless in improving all those silly little kitchen problems that you know can be fixed. Progressive has solved these issues and is there to help save the day or night in your kitchen!
Once you have found that perfect gift from Progressive, treat yourself with the gift of good posture, healthy feet, and great knees with a Wellness Mat. People forget what they are standing on could cost you in the long run. Prevent illness now by standing on a Wellness Mat whenever possible! Check out this video!
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