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Paşabahçe Glassware primary focus is on the design & the shapes of their extraordinary glassware, which earned them the status of being the third largest company in the world and second in all of Europe in their field. With their extensive and strong work ethic, Williams Food Equipment is elated to have Pasabahce on board, providing all of us with wide range of glassware due to Pasabahce’s exemplary fabrication abilities, and century-old traditions.
With a total of 52 stores world-wide, Paşabahçe provides wine glasses, ceramic ware, & porcelain that is praiseworthy in its own industry. Decorative items are under Paşabahçe’s Life and Boutique models. Paşabahçe has unveiled its latest Aware Collection that was created to safeguard the environment and the world itself by being the leaders in glass recycling. The Aware Collection mixes sustainability with elegance and aesthetics while decreasing the volume of industrial waste, which lessens their own carbon footprint. 
Presenting countless, first-of-its-kind creations to its customers for over 85 years, Paşabahçe, and their 7,200 employees, has brought their understanding of being environmentally friendly while advancing manufacturing skills and revolutionizing new technologies. Pamper yourself with the sturdy, dishwasher-safe glassware that will reside with you for decades. Or thrill that beloved wedding couple and place Paşabahçe on their wedding registry! Paşabahçe makes for a gorgeous gift upon any occasion.
What pairs well with wine, well cheese of course! Check out our Cheese Section to add elegance to your cocktail party. 
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