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Norpro is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative kitchen tools and products in the US.  Located in the Pacific Northwest, Norpro has been providing distinctive kitchenware since 1973.  Norpro prides itself on quality kitchenware with distinctive qualities along with their commitment to exceed customer expectations. 
Norpro is in its 2nd generation of family-owned authenticity in kitchen products, led by the founders’ daughter in current day. One of Norpro’s secret sauce to developing innovative kitchen products is world-travel; without international cuisine necessitating different techniques, technology, and food types, the need for innovative products would not exist.  Therefore, Norpro studies global cooking trends to stay ahead of product development. This also enables Norpro to develop products across a wide variety of cooking categories.
You can find Norpro in any of the following culinary spaces and find these cooking tools innovative and unique in each culinary space:
Grill & Roast
Coffee & Tea
Fruits & Vegetables
Tools & Gadgets
Reid’s a fan of Norpro like the rest of the Canadian home chefs.  He enjoys the baking aspect Norpro and uses these tools mostly at the holiday season when warming up his oven for baking season. From the mini cheesecake pans he uses for his grandmother’s family cheesecake recipe to the Pie Top Lattice tool he uses on his famous apple pie. Reid’s wife’s fave Norpro product is the Norpro Lattice Mini Pie Mold that she uses for her secret home-made pumpkin spice pie (try and get it out of her – she won’t budge with this secret recipe).  To be a guest at the Williams family holiday – what a treat!
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