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Maxwell & Williams
The Origin Of Australian Chic Tableware
Max Grundmann is the man behind Maxwell & Williams. This Australian businessman started in a Brighton garage, and now, the Maxwell & Williams brand is in 40 markets around the world. 1996 is the origin of the name “Maxwell & Williams” which was conceived on a paper tablecloth in Florence Italy. 
Sticky Labels Started It All!
Devising the first sticky label that was on the front of the new plates entitled “White Basics” was the differentiating factor from all other houseware brands. This uniqueness enabled Maxwell & Williams to take off as an industry standard throughout Australia and now the world. 
The Philosophy Behind Maxwell & Williams
The concept of impartiality and panache, and a culture that is equal are the components that is Maxwell & Williams. Expanding your horizons leads to authenticity. Mr. Grundmann is a deep, philosophical guy that brings it to the workplace. 
Capable, Credible & Compelling
When you think of homewares, Maxwell & Williams is a great choice to all the facts mentioned above. Maxwell & Williams brings that old-world class to your table without hurting your pocketbook in the least. Designing your new kitchen around Maxwell & Williams products will bring together the aesthetic looks you are seeking. 
An Austrian Icon
With over 115,000 likes and over 114,000 followers on Facebook, Maxwell & Williams have set themselves as the premiere Australian homeware brand. Canada has enjoyed the Maxwell & Williams brand for almost 20 years now. 
Taste & Elegance
Mr. Grundmann’s taste in design and fashion, stemming back to his parents and education, are paramount in all Maxwell & Williams products. This houseware brand is one to search when needing a housewarming gift for sure! Adding this collection piece by piece will continually bring happiness to you own home. When it is time for after dinner coffee, check out the differences between it and espresso HERE
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