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An Extraordinary Cooking Experience
Danish owned and inspired, Gastrolux has been manufacturing only one thing: The best cookware in the world. Every measure, step, and process to bring Canada and 24 other countries worldwide the finest in non-stick cookware has been Gastrolux’ passion since 1956. Gastrolux has developed many high-tech & revolutionary designs in cookware that are proprietary only to this fantastic, innovative Danish company. 
Unique Quality & functionality
The classic designs that hold true from traditional cookware is elevated by Gastrolux. Research and development since the late 1950s have led Gastrolux to discover their patented Biotan nonstick technology. This, along with their exclusive removable handles confirms Gastrolux as one of the premier cookware manufacturers of all-time. 
It’s Worth Doing Right
Anyone can make a pan. Gastrolux understands that and ensures they don’t just make cookware. Through their philosophy of doing something right always, Gastrolux uses only the highest quality materials; even recycled when possible and available. Gastrolux is dedicated to providing the absolute finest quality, cost, and customer service to their purchasers.
Confident You Will Be Satisfied!
Along with their philosophy of always doing something right, Gastrolux proves that in their cookware year after year. The proprietary Biotan is PFOA and PFOS free. The quality is assured with its 8mm thickness which never warps. Oven safe up to 500℉ is a necessity for stove to oven applications. The list of positives with the Gastrolux brand of cookware goes on and on!
Delightful Designs In Healthy Cooking
The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture & Design awarded the Gastrolux 2004 A/S of Ryomgaard, Denmark Design Team the 2017-2018 honor for healthy cooking. The honor is all ours when using this unique, nonstick cookware! 
Stay Healthy An Extraordinary Cooking Experience
With Gastrolux
The Biotan nonstick coating really works! This means no more added butter or trans fats into the food we prepare (unless you want too of course). The quality of Gastrolux cookware is evident with its even heat retention, providing you and your family only the finest, healthiest meals easily and quickly prepared. 
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