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Emile Henry
A Quick Learner
People like Jaques Henry really understood themselves and their true passion upon a young age. At 18 years old, in 1848 France, Jaques started to love the artistry of ceramics. He took off to search for those that knew the art and science of ceramics more than he did at such a young age. Skip to 22 years later, and Jaques is running the Jaques Henry ceramic shop in his hometown of Burgundy, employing 20 people. 
Fighting History To Stay True To Their Craft
France has gone through quite a bit since 1870. The Henry family never backed down from returning to their store to continue their fine skill. Through trials and tribulations, Emile Henry grew as a company in both name and technology. “Fighting for our family’s business since 1848” should be the motto of the company! 
Burgundy Isn’t For Wine Only
Burgundy wines are as special as Emile Henry’s ceramics. Emily Henry’s ceramics are unique due to the soil and clay that comes from the Burgundy France region. Emily Henry values and beliefs have gained the company the international reputation for producing the finest quality ceramics. 
Emily Henry Is A Timeless Classic
The statement piece is what Emile Henry is to a kitchen. The beauty and elegance of the fine ceramic glaze will render you awestruck upon the unboxing. When cooking with quality such as Emile Henry, the food really does turn out better than if using inferior products. Quality counts!
A Note From Emily Henry’s Website:
Burgundy clay evenly and slowly diffuses heat to the very center of the cooking dish. Food is cooked evenly, which brings out the flavors and aromas. Burgundy clay has superior heat retention properties which keep food hot and more flavorsome when resting on the dining table or on a kitchen sideboard.
All Emile Henry products are direct freezer-to-oven. They exhibit extraordinary thermal shock properties. They go under the broiler and in the microwave.
Emile Henry Is Awarded The ISO 9001 International Quality Standard In 2002.
Emily Henry, being a 170-year-old company, originating, then staying in Burgundy, has brought many accolades and awards for their high quality, proprietary ceramics back to France on numerous occasions. Winning The ISO 9001 International Quality Standard Award in 2002 was a major highlight for the company! 
The Best In Tableware & Bakeware
Emily Henry is indeed “Best in Class” when it comes to bakeware and tableware. The value of Emile Henry is evident, using 100% natural ingredients that ensure even heating distribution for ultimate meals! Once it is safe again to entertain, think about having a nice house party. Even if it’s starting to get chilly, a patio heater along with some other great outdoor items will guarantee a fun time! Check it out HERE on how to entertain outdoors more effectively!
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