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Cole & Mason, the specialists in flavorings such as seasoning, spices, and herbs has been all our colleagues in culinary discovery since 1919. Even if you are not from London, or even the UK, Cole & Mason have goods for a wide array of seasoning tasks from around the globe. Cole & Mason strives to provide you with whatever you require to boost the palate of any dish. Originality, design, and consistency have been essential elements of Cole & Mason since its beginning, and they remain the best to this day! All Cole & Mason merchandise is devised to enhance the simplicity of fulfilling routine flavoring tasks and taking them to the next level of culinary bliss!
The would be really, really bland without salt and pepper…Cole & Mason have stopped the tastelessness with their extraordinary salt and pepper mills! Cole & Mason were the 1st to invent the acrylic S&P mills! In 2001, they created most likely the best thing to come to food, the electric pepper mill! 2011, Cole & Mason was honored with the Excellence in Housewares for their patented precision mechanism. Today, Cole & Mason have branched out into vinegars, mortars & pestles, and even fresh herbs!
Season up your holiday season with Cole & Mason. We had to use the pun…Just because it’s the holiday season currently, our sales don’t end! Check out our current great offers with awesome prices HERE!
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