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Chef Revival
The Revival Of Chef Revival
2018, when the owning name might have changed to the John Ritzenthaler Company, the brand Chef Revival remains a tried and true industry standard for those in the culinary field. The Ritz Company has been around since 1892, importing fine cleaning cloths from Belgium. Today, JRC & Chef Revival are now together, providing the best in chef’s whites and more. 
Chef’s Apparel At Its Finest
Any kitchen uniform can be found with Chef’s Revival. The John Ritzenthaler Company has been family owned and operated for over 125 years, providing superior kitchen textiles around the world. JRC’s 125-year history in kitchen textiles, then acquiring the eminent brand Chef Revival, brings the best of the best together as one. 
A business lives by what it gives, not by what it tries to get.
John Ritzenthaler has been quoted “A business lives by what it gives, not what it tries to get.” Another motto is (taken from their homepage): To empower, enable and provide professional chefs and home cooking enthusiasts with thoughtful textile products, enhancing the way we cook, serve and entertain our family and friends. Makes Lasting Friends®, our motto, is how we do business and how we measure success. Chef Revival Has been great, now with Ritz, Chef Revival will be the best!
The Choice Is Simple
Choosing Chef Revival to wear while working in the culinary field is the best choice due to its quality and price point. Now under the Ritz Co, and their advanced textiles, Chef Revival looks and feels great for over 8 hours in the kitchen!
Making Lasting Friends
Through 127 years of business in textiles, the 5* Reviews pour in for the Ritz Company. Behind the year 2018, Chef Revival has received many accolades for its culinary apparel.
Look No Further For Your Kitchen Gear
Chef Revival has always been the go-to company for all clothing in the kitchen realm. The advancements in the clothing for ease of wear and durability become better every year. Staying at the right price allows new looks to be brought into your wardrobe frequently. Hey, and don’t forget that now that you look great, remember to be a pro with the Best Knife Sets found HERE!
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