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Charles Viancin
“Only History Has No End”
This quote comes from Charles Pierre Baudelaire, the famous French poet summarizes why designer Charles Viancin started his fun and functional kitchen accessory group up in the French Alps back in just 2005. Free to implement his own visions, and to see no end has steered Charles Viancin into an industry leader. 15 years later, the Charles Viancin Group has expanded its distribution territories to include The UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, The US, and Japan.
Inspired By Nature
Charles Viancin’s distinctive designs make them crucial for surrounding kitchen messes, maintaining the freshness of food, sealing in warmth for heated foods, and protecting cold foods by staying chilled. Sturdy and supple, silicone is the ideal substance for bringing Charles Viancin’s concepts to existence. For Charles Viancin to be a major player in this unique market, constant expansion of new products needs to be distributed annually. The CV Group takes on this challenge willingly and successfully!
Keep Looking. Don’t Settle
Charles Viancin’s designs and chooses only the finest collaborators for the production and allocation of its silicone kitchen accessories all over the globe. Stimulated by nature’s breathtaking splendor, whether it was noticed in a single water lily or a gleaming pasture of sunflowers, Charles Viancin designed a variety of kitchen accompaniments that, to this day provide the home cook that needed advantage. 
Charles Viancin Awards Others
The Accolades Charles Viancin has received throughout his illustrious career are many. But the special thing that sets Charles Viancin apart is they launched a six-month awards program in May, with the attention on retail patrons’ social media interests. Specific merchants are evaluated on how well they intermingle with consumers online and the scope of their social media connection.
Playful But Practical
Stay safe with Charles Viancin and his silicone-based products. Robust, adaptable, and effortless to wash, silicone is an inexpensive gift for your own home, or to give someone for the holidays. Save yourself thousands of dollars on buying foil and plastic wrap: Purchase some Charles Viancin instead! 
Remember to check out the Cook’s Tools Section after being one with nature via Charles Viancin. Here, you will find gifts for every foodie you know! 
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