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Jacob Bunn Meets Abe Lincoln
The Bunn family history is quite interesting. Jacob Bunn opened a grocery store in Springfield, Il back in 1840. Jacob and his brother John ended up becoming friends with some guy named Abe Lincoln! The entrepreneurial drive of the Bunn Bros., along with Abe as their legal counsel catapulted the Bunn legacy that is thriving better than ever here in 2020. 
Groundbreakers In More Than A Cup Of Joe
Being the entrepreneurs that the Bunn Bros were starting back in 1840, their pioneering spirit lead to: Bunn Chocolate Manufacturing, Illinois Watch co, Sangamo Electric, Bunn Capitol Foods Dist., and good ol Bunn-O-Matic. Now branching out in Prime beef, Bunn’s matchlessness is their determination to success in every aspect of business that they take on.
Bunn Is Based On Making A Positive Difference
Who doesn’t love a company that has a page dedicated to just their beliefs and values? Bunn states “Honesty, Integrity, and Courtesy” as their 3 core values. Their Primary Mission, quoted as “Act with Purpose to Make a Positive Difference in the People and Communities we touch.” is something we can all abide with in these uncertain times…
Beverages Have Been Their Primary Focus 70 Years
Bunn has been brewing up great coffee for homes and restaurants forever it seems like. When you went to the coffee shop as a kid, Bunn was there. Bunn stands proudly at many homes and restaurants around North America. Having Bunn brew your morning cup always tastes and smells just right. 
Since 2010, Bunn Has Been Winning More & More!
2013 CSP Innovation award winner and a 2012 qualifier in the NAFEM, Bunn’s attention to beautiful beverages continues to be the talk around town. Vogue Magazine’s Jeffrey Steingarten wrote, “It is reassuring to know that the gigantic Bunn company considers the superbly brewed coffee niche worth fighting for.” New York Times coffee and food writer Oliver Strand featured trifecta in the newspaper’s popular blog, “Diner’s Journal.”
Brewing With Bunn Is Better To The Last Drop!
What’s really great about the Bunn Company is they have nothing to hide and prove that on their homepage. The Bunn Co. plays by the rules to create quality products for your beverage needs, whether for your shop or your home. Bake up some coffee cake or biscotti to start your day. Check out all the KitchenAid appliances that make your life easier HERE
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