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Berard France
Marius Berard founded Berard France and has been designing and manufacturing hand-made exquisite wooden kitchen accessories since 1892 out of Saint Lauren en Royans, France.  He started  the family business working with local loggers to acquire the wood species he needed to design these beautiful wooden kitchen tools.
In the 1950s the company started developing relationships with Olive tree owners in the south of France.  The Olive tree sparked a lot of new businesses during this time and Berard France was not going to miss out on this.  The Berard family learned how to manipulate this strong, unique, and rare wood that only grows in the Mediterranean basin.  After 1975, Berard France predominantly uses Beechwood, Boxwood, and Olivewood.
The next great leap in manufacturing that Berard France found imperative was ecological manufacturing; this means having manufacturing as close to the source of wood as possible.  This will reduce the amount of waste in transportation, avoid depletion in one region, and diversify the wood species by region.  Most of the work for Berard France was done locally near the trees and the finishing work was done at the historic Maison de la Drome, the founders original location.
Reid’s favourite Bernard France products are a cross between display and design excellence combined with utility.  Reid selected his top 3 favorite Berard France products so you can get a view into his gourmet preferences.
He loves displaying the stunning wood grains with storage devices like this Olivewood Utensil Canister for all your cooking utensil storage needs. 
You can pick one of these canisters up at Williams Food Equipment.
Reid wouldn’t think his kitchen set up is complete without the Berard France cheese knife set.  Cheese  boards are an art into themselves, so don’t go skimping on the knives being used when serving a cheese board. Reid’s Tip:  Add Olives to your Olivewood cheese board for a fun twist.   
And to complete the cheese set, lets add an Acero 5-piece Cheese Board set with dry erase labeling for 3 different cheeses.  Reid has 2 of these as you can imagine he has a large family that loves cheese like the rest of us.  You can get your cheese board set when you order today!  
Berard France is committed to designing and crafting gourmet pieces for the kitchen that make gourmet  cuisine lovers fall in love all over again.
When you check out their line of gourmet, hand-crafted kitchen accessories, you will know why the world has embraced these beautiful culinary accessories
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