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Long History Of Quality & Trust

81’ is when the fun started for Adamo. Becoming one of the leading import companies in homeware items, Adamo’s 10 chief brands with over 2,500 products allow the consumer astonishingly affordable rates on a variety of items.

Adamo Does The Hard Work

Adamo’s specialty lies within their approach to distribute. Whether it be for your own home, or as a generous gift, Adamo is there for your wishes at a great value.

Gifting their wares is individually Adamo.

They stress on all their items as great gift ideas.

Customer-Focused Values

At Adamo Import, they select their goods meant for their sense of artful elegance and timely styles.

The brands that they offer are revered throughout the trade. Adamo is never satisfied until you are!

They are always happy to help if needed with any questions about any products. They genuinely stand up for their merchandise.

The Holidays Are Here

Perusing the Adamo section is the first place to look for a gift for someone who cooks.

A stocking stuffer, the company party, or just for yourself is why Adamo is in business, delivering exceptional goods for your home.

Wrapping up something from Adamo will bring joy to those who receive!

Growing Since 1981

A leading importer and distributor throughout the Canadian market of houseware, kitchenware, and giftware products, Adamo has received numerous 5* Reviews as well as numerous accolades regarding the excellent value for the quality of product purchased.

Best Products From Around The Globe

What’s wonderful about importers like Adamo, they find the best deals on the greatest stuff. You never know what Adamo might find next, and WFE is a valued partner, so the latest and greatest gadget or gizmo might be online tomorrow!

Many know that without quality cookware, all the different items to assist you in the kitchen will be futile. Think about, research, and learn the various types of cookware before anything else!

Your food will thank you when cooked in the proper pot! Click Here to discover the best cookware materials.
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