Le Creuset Dinnerware

Le Creuset Dinnerware is the premier artisan dinnerware available on the market. Did you know that Le Creuset was the first manufacturer of kitchen products and equipment that added a stunning design element to the kitchenware and dinnerware? This is indeed true that in 1925 Le Creuset set out to create beautiful cookware for your home that celebrates the meals and time with family. 

The Le Creuset Dinnerware collections are made with a colorful, durable exterior enamel that matches other stoneware flawlessly while protecting from utensil marks and scratches. Every Le Creuset plate, bowl and mug are designed to complement any collection of stoneware; and is finished with Le Creuset's signature three-ring accent along the exterior.

The Le Creuset Dinnerware Collection

Le Creuset is known for their colourful product lines and dinnerware is no exception. The Le Creuset colourful Dinnerware collection comes in 6 stunning colors; collect them while you can as each colour is released at different times and outside of the mainstream colors of Cherry and Flame, these colour sets will come and go and you may find yourself chasing down close out sales or estate sales to find the pieces you want.  

Cherry Le Creuset Dinnerware Collection 

Flame Le Creuset Dinnerware Collection

Artichaut Le Creuset Dinnerware Collection

Le Creuset Sage Dinnerware Collection

Le Creuset Oyster Dinnerware Collection

Le Creuset Meringue Dinnerware Collection

Building your Le Creuset Dinnerware Collection is as fun to collect as it is to prepare an amazing meal for family and friends. The festive Le Creuset dinnerware adds a touch of beauty to your tablescape that your family and friends will love.

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