Wusthof - 5" Kitchen Surfer 5 Chai Dao

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Wusthof - 5" Kitchen Surfer 5 Chai Dao Description

The number one in forged cook’s knives from WÜSTHOF – classic design with
eye-catching rivets and the characteristic trident on black grip plates. Classic – the
knife series with an enormous range of models. Perfectly manufactured with
traditional, timeless aesthetics. The range comprises more than 70 different articles.
The small Chai Dao has a slightly curved Chinese blade shape, which is very good
for weighing herbs and vegetables and cutting small pieces of meat. It is one of the
best starter knives for young gourmets.

Wusthof Kitchen Surfer

Brand Wusthof
Series Classic
Blade Type Chai Dao
Product Length 5 Inch