Wusthof - 4 Pc BBQ Set

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Wusthof - 4 Pc BBQ Set Description

The ultimate BBQ Set!

The Wusthof BBQ Set features: 

  • Wusthof signature triple-rivet design. 
  • Heat-resistnat high density POM Handle construction.
  • Easy care nonreactive stainless steel. 
  • Tools were designed with long enough handles to protect your hands from flare-ups, but short enough to maintain control. 
  • Brushed stain-free steel that is strong and durable withouth being too heavy to manage. 
  • Built for balance and comfort. 
  • Ring at the end of the handle to hang on grill hooks. 

The Brush 

  • 2 Head design to allow brushing/ glazing as well as mopping/ basting.
  • Silicone heads are removeable for easy cleaning. 
  • Over 15" length for cool hand operation.

The Tongs

  • Sping loaded for longer wear.
  • Locking clip keepts tongs in the closed position when not in use.
  • Tips designed for dexterity; can pinch small items or grab and hold larger ones. 
  • Long enough to use parallel to the grill's surface, or over the top to help keep hands cool. 

The Fork

  • A true meat fork with curved lines to earily move larger cuts of meat, roasts, or even whole trukeys without sliding off the fork. 
  • Will not bend while moving from the grill to a platter
  • Sturdy enough to use as a cleaning tool/scraper on grill grates

The Turner

  • 6.5" Commercial sized perforated paddle. 
  • Paddles is beveled at the edges to better separate items from the grill surface. 
  • Offset handles for easy turning. 
  • Handles insulates to stay cool 
Brand Wusthof