Work Sharp - M3 Kitchen Knife Sharpener Steel & Honing Rod - CPM3

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Work Sharp - M3 Kitchen Knife Sharpener Steel & Honing Rod - CPM3 Description

Modular Diamond Sharpening Steel and Ceramic Honing Rod allow you to sharpen and hone in one package.


The Work Sharp Culinary M3 Knife Sharpener elevates the home chef experience by providing a simple and effective way to keep kitchen knives sharp and ready for your favorite recipes.

The M3 uses a tapered diamond sharpening rod to effectively restore the cutting performance of your entire knife set. Swap out the diamond sharpening rod for the ceramic honing rod and you can easily put a razor-sharp finish on your knives. The handle incorporates a 17° angle that sets the knife in the proper position for consistent passes along the rods – the key to achieving a sharp edge along the entire length of the blade. It’s that simple – you’re ready to start enjoying your culinary experience with sharp, precise cutlery that’s a joy to use.

  • Diamond Sharpening Rod
  • 8" Ceramic Honing Rod
  • Built-in Sharpening Guides
  • MicroForge™ Technology

Tapered Diamond Sharpening Rod

The diamond sharpening rod sharpens your knives' edges – even today’s hardest blade steels. The tapered shape allows for sharpening straight, curved, and serrated edges. The 320 grit diamond rod is gentle on knives, and is not intended for shaping or repairing damaged edges.

Dual Surface 8" Ceramic Honing Rod

The ceramic honing rod incorporates a fine side for honing sharpened knives to a razor-sharp finish, and a coarse side to quickly touch up knives between sharpening – delivering a fresh cutting edge before each meal in only a minute or two. Honing preserves the cutting effectiveness of your knives, and extends intervals between sharpening.

Built-in Sharpening Guides

The ergonomic M3 handle includes 17° sharpening/honing guides to eliminate guesswork. By setting a consistent sharpening angle, your knife will be sharp along the entire length of the blade.

Exclusive MicroForge™ Technology

Work Sharp Culinary’s MicroForge technology creates the ultimate edge for cutting vegetables and utility work.

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