Ooni - Pro Portable Outdoor Wood Pizza Oven

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Brand: Ooni
Brand: Ooni
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Ooni - Pro Portable Outdoor Wood Pizza Oven Description

Ooni Pro Outdoor Wood Pizza Oven

The Ooni Pro Outdoor Wood Pizza Oven is the planet's best open-air cooker, efficient in blazing hard woods, coals, gas, or pellets. Increasing the wood tinder for a surge of intense wood-fired flavor is just one attribute of the Ooni Pro! Feel like cooking the way your great grandparents did when they first arrived from Italia, then use coals! And gas is always greatest when tailgating. Who needs to worry about natural fires when the game is starting!

You can bake, roast, sear, or broil massive varieties of different meals in the Ooni Pro Oven. The Ooni Pro can cook a 16″ pizza and fit two of Ooni's own cast iron sizzle pans in it! This allows for you to be able to bake your sides and veggies at the same time. Cook pizza in just one minute! Apply the large kiln mouth and roomy baking stone to roast, bake, and grill anything, not just pizzas. As well as the large kiln mouth, a pizza door with a letterbox-style entrance is ideal to skid pizzas in and out with fear of flopping your creation. The complete gate facilitates quicker central heating, and richer heat preservation.


Ooni Is Here To Guaranty Your Success!

Ooni guarantees you have fun, and make a great pizza, or they will buy back your unit within 60 days. We aren’t sure how long they will have that special on their website, but we think keeping your Ooni Pro Outdoor Wood Pizza Oven forever will probably be safe to say. Besides being a statement piece that many have never seen yet, the food that is produced is top notch! That heat of almost 1000 is ridiculous!

Read all about your Ooni Pro on Ooni’s Essentials Page. It is a great place to start! This will be your chaperon to the highlights of the Ooni Pro, and what you can do with this miracle to outdoor cooking and dining. 


Key features

  • Multi-fuel capabilities, allowing users the option to burn wood, charcoal, gas and pellets.
  • Large cooking surface, enabling you to bake 16" pizzas, breads, roast joints of meat and lots more.
  • Ooni Pro is transportable at approx. 57 lbs or 26 kg i.e. can be moved from table top to garage after use or loaded in the trunk of a car
  • Patent pending design
  • 430 Stainless Steel

What's in the box

  • Ooni Pro Oven
  • Stone Baking Board (4 parts)
  • Door With Thermometer
  • Pizza Door
  • Wood & Charcoal Burner
  • Safety Gloves
  • Uuni Pro Manual
  • Allen Key


Product Specifications
Brand Ooni