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Shun - Kanso 6.5" Boning / Fillet Knife

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Brand: Shun
Brand: Shun
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Shun - Kanso 6.5" Boning / Fillet Knife Description

If you have admired the simple lines and effortless grace of Japanese design, you have experienced Kanso. Kanso is a design principle based on Zen philosophy. It means "simplicity" but it is a simplicity that is achieved by concetrating solely on what is most essential. When it comes to Shun's Kanso cutlery, essential means high-performance steel, a razor sharp edge, perfect balance, and precision cutting control. Kanso si simple - and beautiful - kitchen cutlery that simply performs.

The Shun Kanso Boning/Fillet Knife is a rigid knife with a razor-sharp edge, and it's adept at key kitchen chores. For boning, the narrow, sharp, curved blade gets in close to the bone, making it easy to separate meat from bone. Even fibrous tissue is no match for Shun's extremely sharp edge. It’s perfect for trimming the silver skin from a tenderloin or roast or even making your own cutlets. The narrow blade reduces the drag as you cut against the meat, so cutting is fast and easy. When it comes to filleting fish, the blade's 6.5-in. length is just right to glide through the body of the fish, quickly removing bones and skin for a perfect fillet. The contoured tagayasan handle provides a secure grip for excellent control.

Shun Kanso 6.5-in. Boning/Fillet Knife is part of the Shun Kanso series. Kanso is a design principle based on Zen philosophy. It means “simplicity,” but simplicity that is achieved by eliminating the non-essential. In Kanso, we took away anything that doesn’t matter and kept everything that does: high-performance steel, razor-sharp edge, perfect balance, and precision cutting control. The steel is Japanese AUS10A—highly refined, high-carbon, vanadium stainless steel that takes a razor-sharp edge and holds it longer. Kanso's Heritage finish hides scratches and gives Kanso a rustic look that just improves with age. The handle is made of a wood called tagayasan or wenge, which is sometimes known in Japan as “iron sword wood.” The handle contouring enables an easy chef's grip. Full-tang construction provides strength, balance, and easy cutting control. Like all Shun knives, Kanso is sharpened to a 16° cutting angle each side to cut cleanly and help preserve food’s freshness and best taste.

  • Curved, rigid blade gets in close and offers controlled cutting
  • Hand-sharpened 16° double-bevel blade (32° comprehensive)
  • Heritage finish hides scratches, gives Kanso a rustic look that just improves with age
  • Steel: AUS10A—high-carbon, vanadium stainless steel
  • Contoured tagayasan or wenge wood
  • Blade length: 6.5 in. (16.5 cm)
  • Handcrafted in Japan



Blade Material

Solida AUS10A - A high-carbon stainless steel wigh high strength, as well as good corrosion resistance, hardness and wear resistnace. Added vanadium refines the grain of the steel so that it takes a fine edge. 

Handle Material

Tagayasan (or wenge) - Known as "irown sword wood" tagaysan is notable for its densenss, durability and simple beauty. 

Handle Grip 

Symmetrical (ambidextrous) - Handle is shaped the same on both sides enabling left or right handed use. 

Product Specifications
Brand Shun
Type Boning and Fillet
Series Kanso
Blade Length 6.5 Inch
Country of Origin Japan