Saeco - Mavea Intenza Cartridge Filter - CA670200 (Prima)

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Saeco - Mavea Intenza Cartridge Filter - CA670200 (Prima) Description
Saeco, Mavea Filter replaces Aqua Prima Cartridge Filter. Anti-limescale filter. Enhances machine’s lifespan. Quarterly usage recommended. For all the machines where Brita sticker is not placed on the water tank. Aqua prima reduces the build-up of scale in your Saeco coffee machine, therby extending its life. The activated carbon of aqua prima decreases the concentration of substances that impair the flavour and odour of water (organic compounds, chlorine, etc.) while a special macroporous filter integrated in the cartridge filters out the microparticles present in water. Should be changed every six months.
Brand Saeco
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