Peugeot - Appolia Red 11" Ceramic Pie Dish - 60398

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Peugeot - Appolia Red 11" Ceramic Pie Dish - 60398 Description

Appolia Meat Pie Dish Red 28 cm - 11"

In its brilliant red finish perfect for a festive table, the Peugeot ceramic comes in meat pie dish. Ingenious and practical with its wide and striated handles, the tourtière Peugeot is easy to remove from the oven.

Ingenious and practical

Renowned for its resistance to thermal shocks, ceramics is the traditional material to make your pies with poultry, fish, pâtés or tarte Tatin. Made in France, in compliance with environmental and food standards, Peugeot ceramics ovenware allow a gentle cooking. The high edges of the Appolia tourtière of Peugeot allow the retention of cooking juices for a uniformly preserved moist. Thanks to the thermal inertia that it owes to the quality of the materials used, the Peugeot ceramic retains the heat of your recipes until 30 minutes after the exit of the oven. The wide and striated handles of Peugeot Tourtière allow to take out easily your pie from the oven and to place it on the table. Perfectly smooth, its enamelling prevents the paste from sticking the bottom and makes cleaning easier.

Peugeot ceramic Bakeware, for tasty and healthy cooking. Ultimate noble material, the Peugeot ceramic guarantees smooth and homogenous just-right baking for tasty and healthy cooking. Rectangular, round or square, Appolia range of ceramic dishes from. Peugeot ovenware are perfect to cook your gratins, meats in sauce, lasagna, tians as well as your desserts




Peugeot Logo

 With over 200 years of history, the French brand, Peugeot, is one of the most iconic brands in the world. The Peugeot brothers, Jean Pierre and Jean Frederic, created their first mill in 1840 starting the legacy that is to this day the benchmark of quality kitchenwares. Their iconic lion trademark can now be found on mills, knives, glassware and stoneware all made in France and living up to the high expectations of the Peugeot name. Peugeot is known for the engineering and design work that they put into every single product they produce. Williams Food Equipment is your Canadian source for Peugeot products.   

Brand Peugeot
Material Stoneware
Color Red
Diameter 28cm (11 Inch)
Country of Origin France
Heat Source Oven, Microwave, Grill, Broiler, No Direct Heat