Panasonic - Automatic Gluten-Free Bread Maker with Yeast Dispenser - SDYR2500

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Panasonic - Automatic Gluten-Free Bread Maker with Yeast Dispenser - SDYR2500 Description

A fully automated bread-baking process.

The 100% Gluten Free bread program allows you to bake gluten free loaves, using a wide range of gluten free bread mixes and flours. Giving you the convenience of having freshly baked bread that is tailored specific to your taste and needs.

Baking cycles are automatically adjusted. The temperature is continually monitored. As needed, the bread baking program automatically changes each cycle according to the ambient temperature.

The Yeast Dispenser drops the yeast automatically in optimum timing, just like a skilled baker. The Raisin/Nut dispenser dispenses chopped dried fruits, raisins, nuts and cereals etc., bringing convenience and better bread texture. It ensure even distribution of added ingredients throughout the loaf.

You can also choose from three levels of loaf size and crust colour to bake exactly the kind of bread you like.

8 programs for baking - gluten free, basic, French, French raisin, cake
8 programs for dough - gluten-free pasta, gluten-free pizza, roll, croissant


  • Temperature Sensor
  • Gluten Free
  • Automatic Yeast Dispenser
  • Automatic Raisin/nut Dispenser
  • 16 types of Bread Programs
  • Non-stick Diamond Fluorine Coated Pan
  • 13-hour Digital Time
  • Accessories: Measuring Spoon, Measuring Cup & Kneading Blade

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Brand Panasonic
Electric Electric
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Series Panasonic Kitchen Appliances
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